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10 Travel-Related Apps That Will Make Your Life Infinitely Easier!

Wherever you travel, life is getting easier, with a wealth of travel based apps to make your journey, and your stay in places unknown, an absolute pleasure. Read on to find our top ten apps that will really improve your travel experience!


Never have a bad meal on your travels again. Zomato offers a comprehensive list of some of the most exclusive and back alley gems in hundreds of countries around the world. See customer reviews and trending restaurants. Zomato can also find takeaways in your area if you have had a long day and don’t feel like going out.

Trip advisor

The must have app for any traveller; Trip Advisor lets you check out hotels, serviced apartments and restaurants before booking. Read customer reviews about their experiences and see photos of where you will be going before travelling.

Tram Tracker

For anyone new to Melbourne this app can be a lifesaver. With a complicated network of trams all over the city, this app can help you to find your stop, pick the right line to get you to your destination and see what times the trams are running.

Metro Notify

If you are planning to travel around Melbourne by train, then you should definitely download this app. Metro Notify sends notifications directly to your phone with the latest train service updates. Personalise it to give you the information about the trains you want, when you want. You will receive updates about delays, suspensions, cancellations and even service.


Getting a taxi in a foreign city can be daunting but Uber simplifies the whole process. Book an Uber from your phone and you will receive information such as the vehicle make, model, colour and licence plate. You will also receive details about your driver so you can be assured you are getting in the right car. You can upload your card details and pay via the app so no need to worry about keeping money to one side for your ride home.

PinPin ATM finder

With details of cash machines in over 220 countries worldwide, this app can help you find the nearest one to you no matter where in the world you are.


From restaurant reviews to where the best launderette is, get all of Yelp’s review database in the palm of your hand with this handy app; perfect for finding where the best places to eat or get your undies washed in your new city.

Pin Drop

This app lets you drop GPS pins onto a map whenever you come across an interesting or intriguing place during your travels, allowing you to find it again amongst the maze of new streets and alleyways you haven’t yet mastered.


This app offers weather reports for over 2 million geographical locations, feeding in so much detail it is almost clairvoyant. It is perfect for travelling around a city with such unpredictable weather changes such as Melbourne.

Wi-Fi Finder

Want to keep the world up to date with the details of your travelling adventure but don’t want to run up huge data roaming bills? This app can direct you to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot without you having to wave your phone around in the air like a complete lunatic.