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A Taste of a Melbourne Summer

Melbourne is a city that is as well known for its tempestuous weather as it is for its plethora of cafes and bars. The food scene is a topic discussed almost as much as the likelihood of rain or the AFL results, and there are plenty of people who make foodie trips to Melbourne for the pure pleasure of eating, drinking and enjoying the best of this gastronomic capital. Christmas in Melbourne is a special time of year – as it is everywhere else – as people everywhere get together with their families, enjoy a few days off and relax by the pool or at the beach. Melbournians know how to escape the heat and how to enjoy the summer months in style, so in the interest of enjoying the best of Melbourne, let’s take a look at how best to sample Melbourne in summer.

Keeping cool

The beach at St Kilda is where it’s at if you’re a tourist or backpacker, but Melbournites in the know will head a bit further south to Half Moon Bay for a dip without the hordes of people. You’ll be able to snag your very own patch of sand and enjoy a dip in the beautiful cool water, and if you pack a barbecue or some picnic goods, you won’t have to budge from your spot all day. A great choice for those sweltering days when nothing but the ocean will do to refresh you.

Social events

One of the best things to do in Melbourne over the summer months is to soak up the fun of a moonlight cinema experience. What this entails is heading to the Royal Botanical Gardens or to St Kilda to watch a film under the stars and moonlight! These pop-up events are institutions in the city, and come sundown, you’ll be treated to a movie flickering to life as you snuggle up with friends and family on beanbags or rugs.

Christmas fun

Melbourne is a treat come Christmas time, and you’ll find that you can spend a pleasant evening enjoying the display in the Myer’s windows in Bourke Street Mall before wandering around the city – perhaps doing a spot of late night shopping! The christmas lights adorn the streets from November, and it’s easy to get into a festive mood after a drink at one of the many rooftop bars as you look out on the city festooned with tinsel and lights.

Be sure to make the most of your Melbourne summer with a stroll around the city at dusk, and why not check out the Christmas lights in your local area with a leisurely drive with the family?