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Travel Essentials: The Forgotten List of Travel Essentials

We have all felt that niggling feeling that we have forgotten something when we are leaving for a trip. That little voice at the back of your mind whispering “are you sure you have everything?” More often than not, there is something that has been forgotten, left on the table or somewhere safe. No matter if you are packing for a backpacking trip or a weekend getaway, here is a list of some of the travelling essentials which are often forgotten.

Wet wipes

While it may sound a little old lady-ish, wet wipes can be an absolute lifesaver on your trip. Their uses are endless, from cleaning your flip flops, freshening up when you can’t get to a basin (especially on long train rides) and even cleaning a public or hostel bathroom before you dare to use it. You will never know how necessary they are until you find yourself in a situation where you need them but don’t have them.

Ear plugs

Drowning out the noise from other travellers or roommates when you are trying to get some much needed sleep is often vital. After a long day traveling or exploring, the last thing you want is to be kept awake by traffic or chatting friends. Ear plugs are a must for anyone who values their sleep.


Having music with you can make a boring and tedious journey more bearable and also help with the drowning out of noise companions. Having music on your mobile phone or mp3 player can also help you add a soundtrack to your trip. Whenever you hear those songs again you will be taken straight back to the beach, mountains or city you were in.


While it may be tempting to leave your expensive smartphone at home and invest in a cheap mobile for your trip, smartphones can be a real lifesaver when you are travelling. The ability to use the mapping function to find where you are in a jam can be a lifeline. Smartphones can also help you to keep track of others in your group if you get separated, have weather forecasts at your fingertips and help you to find the nearest hospital in an emergency.


Don’t forget a camera to take snaps of your trip too. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to make everyone on your social media account super jealous while recording the trip of a lifetime for yourself too.