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Travel Hacks That Will Make Your Life Infinitely Easier

Travelling is a hugely rewarding thing to do, whether you’re popping down to your holiday house an hour’s drive away or zipping off over the other side of the world on a month-long trip to Europe. No matter what kind of travelling you’re going to be doing, you need to be prepared for any kind of situation that can arise, because when you’re away from home you need to be more resourceful to cope with having less at hand. We have put together a list of hacks that will make your life easier, so read on to find out how you can travel easy.

Travel money card

When you’re away overseas, the last thing you want to be worrying about is money. Thankfully, most of the major banks have introduced a card specifically for travelling that allows you to load up your travel card with the currency of your choosing, and then withdraw money from an ATM just like you would at home. This is a great option if you’re going to a few different countries, because the cards can handle up to five currencies at a time, and it’s easier than lugging around a wallet of cash. Get in touch with your bank to find out how

All the apps

There are apps for basically everything now, and you can use these to your best advantage when you’re globetrotting around the world. Want to brush up on your Cambodian Khmer? No problem – just download the app, complete with flashcards, phonetic translation and a guide. Need to figure out the best places to stay in the south of France? No worries – there are multiple apps for that. In addition to bespoke apps, there are also things like Airbnb and Tripadvisor that work as great travel aids.

A serviced apartment

Sometimes you want to get a real local experience and stay in a homestay, and sometimes you just want a good hot shower and someone to give you a turndown service every day. That’s where a serviced apartment will come in very handy. Offering all the comforts of an apartment with all the convenience of a hotel, the serviced apartment is a great way to add some comfortable luxury to your next trip.

A good medical kit

When you’re travelling abroad or even at home, you might run into a situation where you’re dehydrated or unwell, and you’ll be scrambling for some panadol or Gastrolyte. Make sure that you don’t have to try and explain with complicated hand gestures and broken Thai the extent of your troubles and pack it all beforehand.

Other things to be on top of are travel insurance, a great sense of humour and a good eye mask and earplugs for getting some much needed shut-eye when you can.