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Why A Holiday May Be The Only Prescription You Require

Holidays are something that everyone looks forward to. Whether you’re skipping off to the Gold Coast or up to Sydney for the weekend, or travelling a bit further afield to Bali or South East Asia for a couple of weeks – holidays are great. The very act of planning a holiday (and preparing your life for one) is hugely therapeutic and we’d even like to go so far as to say that a holiday can be mentally beneficial! After a holiday (depending on what you do, of course) you’ll return to work feeling energised and relaxed, and ready to tackle your role again. There are numerous benefits, and the team at RNR Melbourne have compiled a list of key benefits that you can reap from your holiday.

You recharge your mental batteries

When you work in a job that is stressful or highly demanding (like childcare or nursing, for example) you can often experience burnout due to the pressures and stressors placed on you day to day. It’s vitally important that you use your holidays regularly, otherwise you run the risk of enduring mental hardship. Going on a holiday is a great way to recharge mentally and to enjoy some serious downtime, giving you the mind-break that you really need.

You get a great dose of Vitamin D

Taking a trip to a sunny spot is a beautiful thing to do – especially if you’re from somewhere where the weather isn’t so great most of the time. If you’re not spending much time outdoors, it’s important that you take a Vitamin D supplement daily so that your body is getting the benefit from this much-needed vitamin. When you’re on holidays at the beach though – a simple ten minute dose of sunshine is sufficient for your body to get all the Vitamin D it needs! After that time, you need to make sure that you’re slip-slop-slapping, but make sure you get your ten minutes first.

You enjoy time with friends and/or family

When you work all day and get home in the evenings, you can often miss out on key moments in your family’s life. Taking a holiday and enjoying your family time is a great way to get back in touch with the people that you love and value the most.

You get to spend time reading and relaxing

You probably have a book that’s been sitting on your bedside table for weeks (if not months) that’s simply begging to be read. The only problem is that you’ve been so busy with your work that you haven’t found time to do it. When you’re on holidays – guess what? You are spoilt for choice and opportunities to hit the beach and do precisely nothing (except read your book), so do it.

Good luck with planning your next holiday!