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Sep 23, 2019Posted By RNR Melbourne
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Close For Comfort – Why Accommodation Near Hospitals Makes Things Easier

When we plan our upcoming trips, hospital visits don’t always feature in the itinerary. There can be a multitude of reasons to travel interstate, but health, wellness and hospital visits should make up a part of your decision on where to stay. Accommodation near hospitals makes things easier, which no one can deny. Although you may not know all the many ways of why this is true, so let’s discuss them.

Unwell family members

If your family members are unwell in or out of the hospital, it’s a great choice to stay close to a hospital. This provides peace of mind to everyone involved and saves you the trouble of making the trek to the hospital a few times a day, in a foreign city. Accommodation like RNR also offers more than your standard hotel, but instead a kitchen area and expanding living space where you can spread out for a long and unpredictable stay. 

Friends and family expecting

Hospital visits are not only for unexpected times in life, but they are also for the exciting times. Welcoming a new life into the world is an exciting chapter for all involved, and one that you want to enjoy to its entirety, without the concern of where to stay and how to travel to the hospital. Our new mothers are never sure what support they need in those early days, which is why securing accommodation close to the hospital just makes things easier from the outset, for the mother and baby.

Central accommodation and transport

Beyond the direct benefits of being close to the hospital, there are a few passive benefits also. All hospitals are understandably located centrally within a city, where public transport can be accessed and used freely. If you are visiting a new city or staying in another part of your city, being central should be a key factor you include in your search. More often than not, you will actually find public transport workers stationed at these train, bus and tram lines, ready to point you in the right direction.

General peace of mind

We are the way we are, and for some of us, being close to the hospital is just another factor that eases our nerves while travelling. Especially when you have a couple of rugrats on board, you can never be too careful in securing the safety of those you love most. When it comes to making a booking with your chosen accommodation, take the time to ask about the hospital you are staying close to. What do they specialise in, how busy are they, and what is the process if you need to leave the hotel to see the hospital. 

Staying close to a hospital just makes things easier, and there are a few added benefits that also improve the experience of your stay. At RNR Melbourne, we have been there for our guests on the dark days, as well as the exciting ones, offering central hospital accommodation. Contact us online to speak with our helpful staff about the guest rooms and facilities.

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