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Jun 19, 2018Posted By RNR Melbourne
Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole – A Grimm Guide to Fairy Tale Destinations in Melbourne

With ACMI’s Wonderland now in Melbourne, our inner Alice is able to follow her curiosity and delve into the rabbit hole. Discover the history of the timeless tale, celebrating the stories and Alice’s adventures on film in an immersive experience.


Wonderland displays how the inquisitive protagonist became an inspiration for modern filmmaking, from astounding special effects and animation to expressive storytelling and technological development. The curiouser you are, the more you’ll discover.


In celebration of this world premiere exhibition opening in Melbourne, here is some of the top locations to visit to relive your favourite fairytales and explore the magic of being a child again.


The Hatter and the Hare


Appease your cravings for coffee and cakes and experience your very own Mad Hatter’s tea party at The Hatter and The Hare cafe. Leave the stress of reality at the entrance and experience a new set of delightful sights, smells and tastes. Take a look through the looking-glass and witness the magic of the pastry team at work creating their delicious treats using produce sourced from local suppliers and eco-friendly practices.


Return to the cafe at the turn of the season to experience samples of the kitchen team’s creations popping out with colours and flavours straight from their head chef’s wild imaginations. With delectable goodies and perfectly brewed coffee, you’ll feel as though you’re celebrating your very own unbirthday.      




For the adults looking to relive their childhood, step right up and choose your own adventure through the gateways of StoryVille. Would you like to fall down the rabbit hole? Discover the lion through the wardrobe? Perhaps wander along the pathways of the enchanted forest? StoryVille is themed around your favourite childhood fairy tales and stories creating a magical environment ready for you to step into.


Take pleasure in a cocktail and enjoy music from Melbourne’s best DJs and entertainers. StoryVilles cocktails are influenced by timeless pieces of classic literature and your favourite childrens books, such as ‘Through The Looking Glass’ starring alcoholic Vanilla Cream tea served in an iconic teapot with dry ice. Spend a night relaxing and let your inner mythical being take the wheel.


Fairy Park


For those looking for a more immersive experience that will allow you and your family to experience being an excitable child again, Fairy Park features all your favourite tales, myths and legends. Located an hour out of Melbourne CBD, take a family day trip out of the bustling city and into a peaceful fairytale world. Set in the beautiful, open rolling countryside of Anakie, Fairy Park allows you to enter your own wonderland and uncover fairies, elves, hippogriffs, and dragons.


Adventure through extravagant castles, lush gardens, and breathtaking 360-degree views for miles creating the perfect place to escape with family. Take a walk down memory lane With three main lands; “Fairy Tale Land”, “Camelot Adventure Playground”, and “King Arthur’s Rock” packed with attractions for the young and young at heart, the whole family is bound to find themselves enthralled.


The Mystery Rooms


Whether you’re looking for a team building exercise, a birthday party to stand out among all others, or just something fun to pass the time, The Mystery Rooms are the biggest escape rooms in Melbourne and the perfect way to entertain a group of people. With four themed chapters to pick from, including a Snow Queen inspired one, you will find yourself not only mesmerised by the scenery, but involved in the action.


Unlike other, more traditional escape rooms, you are not locked in a room. Instead, you are led into the beginning of an interactive, realistic mystery requiring solving in order to delve deeper into the experience. With an hour to complete your mission, a mystery room is a great way to spend the day with friends and family, including adults and children.




With a multitude of attractions and bistros based of fairy tales and children’s stories, a magical experience for all ages is bound to be discovered around each corner.


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