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Apr 18, 2018Posted By RNR Melbourne
Free Places To Exercise Melbourne

To Melbourne With Muscle – The Best Free Places to Exercise in Melbourne

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean that your fitness routine is. Besides, with so much to see and experience throughout Melbourne’s beautiful architecture and scenic skyline, a jog or bike ride can be the perfect way to fully experience this stunning city. So, to help you keep up your fitness goals in style, here are just a few of the fantastic places to exercise in Melbourne!

Capital City Trail

Melbourne is dense with fantastic destinations, so much so that it can be difficult to know where to start. Luckily for you, there is an excellent way to see the sights while getting an excellent workout. The Capital City Trail follows along the Yarra River, passing across many of the city’s cultural landmarks in the process.

On bike, this trail can be completed in an afternoon, and provides a beautiful insight into what makes Melbourne so wonderful. From museums to beautiful historical buildings, there’s a lot to love while working off some of those holiday dinners.

Dandenong Creek Trail

While it may not be quite a centralised as our previous option, the Dandenong Creek Trail gives you a chance to step out of the city for an afternoon and really get to know Victoria’s lush scenery. Passing through a variety of suburbs and with easy access to several train stations, this beautiful trail is a peaceful jaunt that exists in stark contrast to the CBD’s bustling streets.

We urge anyone, whether you’re a local or a visiting traveller, to experience this verdant example of Australia’s impressive natural areas. It might not have much in the way of jaw dropping architecture, but sometimes we all just need a chance to step away from it all.

Albert Park Lake

Despite being one of the crowning destinations within Melbourne’s inner suburbs, many residents can go their entire lifetimes without visiting this exceptional area. Although it’s very close to the city, the sense of seclusion and tranquility can make it feel like you’re in a whole new world.

This is thanks to, in no small part, the sheer size of this park. Containing areas that are perfect for everything from golf to sailing, it’s best to clear your schedule before venturing to this beautiful beacon.

1000 Steps

A personal favourite of this writer, the 1000 Steps once again takes us out of Melbourne’s CBD and into an incredible landscape flourishing with native flora and fauna. This destination is frequented by many Melbournians each and every day due to its serene atmosphere and challenging workout.

As you can likely guess from the name, the 1000 Steps is a sizeable incline designed to make you sweat. So, be ready to get a little dirty if you decide to take this one on for yourself. While it is preferred by workout buffs, that doesn’t mean that the 1000 Steps won’t appeal to the more casual strollers among us. Challenging enough to offer a sense of achievement, not too tricky as to ward off newcomers, this is truly a spectacular experience.


While we could go on forever about the various fun fitness challenges Melbourne has on offer, we’ll let you discover the rest for yourself. This city is filled with exciting alcoves and new adventures, and hopefully we’ve managed to put a few more on your list. Want to stay close to the action whilst having a relaxing place to rest and recover? Contact RNR Melbourne today for a centrally-located array of luxurious serviced apartments!

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