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Oct 05, 2018Posted By RNR Melbourne
haunted melbourne

The Spooky Sightseer – A Ghoulish Guide to Haunted Melbourne Hotspots

Despite its relatively short history, Melbourne has managed to rack up a considerable amount of culture and historical oddities. From a hidden ballroom in its most iconic train station to a penchant for unfindable bars and alleyway clubs, it’s difficult to see Melbourne as anything but a place of mystery and exploration.

As with any place of culture, Melbourne comes with its own set of morbid mysteries and haunted hotspots. Since it’s the month of October, with Halloween quickly approaching, let’s take a look at some of Melbourne’s spookiest spots!

Haunted Melbourne Spot #1 – Princess Theatre

“The Phantom of the Opera is there” indeed. To start off our haunted Melbourne journey into darker destinations, let’s look at one of the city’s most iconic music and art venues. While it is mainly known as the venue that hosts some of the years biggest performances and musicals, the Princess Theatre is also known for its resident ghost.

Frederick Federici unfortunately passed away during an 1888 performance of Faust. Since then, many highly acclaimed performers have claimed to see a wandering spirit within the theatre that is believed to be the aforementioned Frederick. This has led to a tradition of saving the late Mr. Federici a seat on the opening night of every performance.

Haunted Melbourne Spot #2 – Cinema Nova

Keeping with the trend of ghosts in places of entertainment, it has been said that both Cinema Nova and the Jam Factory have their own supernatural guests. In cinema four of the Cinema Nova, a little girl has been seen running up and down the aisles. Experts in the paranormal have suggested that ghosts are attracted to places like cinemas due to their large amounts of electrical energy and equipment (ghosts are believed not to have their own energy fields).

Haunted Melbourne Spot #3 – Hosier Lane

Alleyways and laneways are always a little scary when the sun goes down, but according to many tourists and ghost experts, Hosier Lane gives passers-through another reason to feel a shiver. This colourful lane, known as a large tourist draw due to its large amount of stunningly vibrant street art, supposedly has a resident ghost. This ghost appears at night, and brings along with it the feeling of a cold touch to those that claim to feel its presence.

Haunted Melbourne Spot #4 – Flinders Street Station

It seems that Flinders Street Station has been coming up quite frequently on the RNR Melbourne blog. That said, it’s easy to see why. Flinders Street is one of Melbourne’s most recognisable destinations, and as you can expect, that means it comes with its own list of ghost sightings. The most prominent of these sightings has been that of a fisherman that staff have given the name George.

This is likely due to the fact that, at one point, the Yarra River next to which Flinders Street resides was once a thriving fishing spot. George can supposedly be seen standing on platform 10, fishing rod in hand.


Melbourne is a city full of exciting, thriving destinations, and sometimes it’s nice to take a look at the stories that are built from that excitement. Mysticism, however spooky, is a fantastic way to add a little magic to your surroundings, and hopefully we’ve given you something else to wonder about when visiting these fantastic places.

It may be a bit early, but Happy Halloween from RNR Melbourne!

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