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Apr 30, 2019Posted By RNR Melbourne
Fashionistas, Flavours, and Furry Friends

Fashionistas, Flavours, and Furry Friends – What’s On in Melbourne This May


We are quickly approaching the midway point of 2019, but even if the date is middling, the events calendar is anything but! Melbourne is known as a welcoming home for fun and festivities of all shapes and sizes, and this May is no exception. No matter what your preferences are, there’s sure to be something that will take your interest. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what’s on in Melbourne this May!


The World’s Largest Unworn Vintage Fashion Sale

Do you consider yourself a fashion connoisseur? Do you just have a fascination with all things vintage? Are you a human being that wears clothes? If any of these three questions struck a chord with you, then this is an event not to be missed. Boasting over 30,000 unworn vintage items, “The World’s Largest Unworn Vintage Fashion Sale” really looks like it’s going to live up to its name.


I know what your first thought was, or at least your first thought after “this is the single coolest thing I have ever seen”. You were likely thinking “this seems way out of my price range”, which is where you would be wrong. As a matter of fact, at least a third of all items will be priced between $10 and $20, meaning that you can deck out your drawers without the hefty vintage price tag. However, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing for those that are excited about spending some extra cash, as there will be a large selection of vintage items from more high-end brands, such as Gucci and Dior, which are sure to go for a tad more.


Entry is free, and the market opens its doors on the 15th of May, so get ready for some fantastic fashion finds! Just remember that while the event is free, you still need to register ahead of time.


The Rocky Road Festival of Flavours

Sweet teeth unite! This May, satiate your sugar cravings with the month-long Rocky Road Festival of Flavours, a celebration of all things chocolate hosted by Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie. Bringing together a surprisingly vast mix of flavours ranging from the tried and true traditional to some more peculiar picks, this is a fantastic time to be a chocolate lover in Melbourne.


For those that like to be a little more hands-on with their flavoursome finds, there will also be tasting classes where you can learn how to make your very own Rocky Road to take home. At only $18 per person, there are very few reasons not to take full advantage of this amazing event.


The Dog Lovers Show

Is your idea of heaven a large room filled with puppers of all shapes and sizes to meet? Well, you’re more than in luck. The annual Dog Lovers Show is once again gracing the Royal Exhibition Building with hoards of dog lovers and their canine companions. Not only will there be an unmatched chance to get close and personal with some new furry friends, but there is also a bunch of activities and events to help you get friendly with some people too.


From Dog Lovers’ Speed Dating to a rescue group-run dog adoption zone, there’s truly something for everybody… At least everybody who likes dogs.




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