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Oct 05, 2018Posted By RNR Melbourne
Shopping in melbourne

Shopping in Melbourne – A Guide to Melbourne’s Best Shopping Spots

You don’t get Melbourne’s reputation for style, fashion, and class without the shopping destinations to back it up. From the artisanal to the global brands, shopping in Melbourne is an absolutely brilliant experience. That said, with so many places to choose from, it can be difficult for the uninitiated to know where they should look for the best shopping in Melbourne.

At RNR Melbourne, we are dedicated to ensuring that your Melbourne experience is one to remember. So, to help you spend money in style, let’s take a look at the best places for shopping in Melbourne!

Chadstone Shopping Centre

When residents of Melbourne think about “Chadstone”, it’s unlikely they are thinking about the suburb it’s named after. Holding its title as the largest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere, Chadstone Shopping Centre is home to a seemingly endless number of stores and activities. Whether you’re dirt broke or filthy rich, there’s sure to be something that tickles your fancy.

Chadstone has gone through several expansions and redevelopments over the past few years, and continues to push the boundaries as a singular, unmatched monolith of shopping in Melbourne. Sitting around half an hour away from Melbourne’s CBD, tourists have their pick of several train, bus and shuttle services if they’re hoping to experience Chadstone for themselves.

Bourke Street Mall

If you’ve ever seen pictures of Melbourne’s CBD, then you’ve almost certainly seen some bright photos of Bourke Street’s bustling storefronts. That’s because, aside from being a stunning sight, Bourke Street Mall is one of the best places for shopping in Melbourne, and it’s easy to see why. Offering multi-storey storefronts for brands such as Myer, H&M, David Jones, and many more, there’s never a dull moment is this fashion hotspot.

Plus, if you love street musicians, then you’re in for a treat. With Bourke Street being a high-demand area for buskers, some of Melbourne’s best street performers have become a regular part of the mall’s magical scenery.

The Fun of Fitzroy

Stepping away from the glitz and glamour of larger brands, Melbourne is as well-known for its artisanal nature as it is for its luxurious offerings. That’s where Fitzroy comes in; wrapped in second-hand sweaters and smoking clove cigarettes.

Considered a hub for aspiring artists, designers and musicians, Brunswick Street and Smith Street are two of the most lovely places for shopping in Melbourne. This is especially true if you have a soft spot in your heart for charm and vintage items. Whether you’re hunting through retro fashions or handcrafted stationery, it’s a beautiful display of the creativity Melbourne is known for.


Shopping in Melbourne is a wonderful experience, and one that should be taken on by anyone visiting the city for the first time. If you want to stay close to the action, contact RNR Melbourne today for a luxurious range of serviced office options.

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