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Jun 12, 2019Posted By RNR Melbourne
Perfect Serviced Apartment

5 Tips for Choosing The Perfect Serviced Apartment

Serviced apartments are becoming more and more popular and it’s easy to understand why. Why be confined to a single hotel room when you can book a spacious apartment to move around freely in. You’ll also have access to more amenities to make you feel like you’re in your dream home away from home. Finding the perfect place to crash can either make or break your trip whether you’re travelling for work or pleasure so follow these 5 top tips to guide you on how to choose a serviced apartment.


Determining your ideal location will depend on why you’re travelling. If you like the hustle and bustle of the city centre and you’ve come for an exciting new business venture then booking somewhere in the heart of the city may be for you. Some people prefer the peace and quiet of the outer suburbs which is also a great choice. Checking public transport options gives you the freedom to stay anywhere and still be able to access all your top spots easily from your apartment.


Having the right amenities for you will make the difference between and comfortable stay and an inconvenient one. Ideal amenities will differ from person to person which is why it’s really important to do some research to find out exactly what’s on offer before you book. Consider what facilities your apartment has, such as Wifi and different kitchen appliances. Also study what’s in the vicinity, are you close to a local supermarket for those last minute grocery shops?


Considering your budget and planning your expenses means there will be no nasty surprises to ruin your stay. It’s worth remembering that in addition to your monthly rental you will probably have to pay a refundable deposit and don’t forget that some services may incur extra costs. Services that are not included in your monthly rental fee should be stated clearly when making your booking.


Some serviced apartments offer a huge range of different extras that are far from your standard cleaning and laundry services. Car rental, gym access and beauty and wellness services are just a few of the optional extras that can be purchased at your leisure. It all depends on how you want to spend on your trip and what your budget looks like.

Customer reviews

Reviewing customer feedback is a great way to get an honest and unbiased account of what it’s like to stay in each serviced apartment. Using reputable sites such as Trip Advisor allows you to get an insight not only into the place you’re staying but the company that provides the service so you can sleep well at night knowing you’ve chosen the right apartment for you.


Taking the time to plan your stay and considering the 5 points above will help you tailor your accommodation to your schedule and make your trip an unforgettable one.

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